Energizing the Middle East transformer market

February 2015

Being on the top of the world in terms of natural oil and gas resources, the Middle East region is one of the major providers of electricity and energy. This offers transformer manufacturers a lot of possibilities – predictions even say that the transformer market will grow with approx. 9 billion US $ by 2020 and the Middle East region will be one of the main engines behind that growth.

That growth perspective is the reason why Soenen is participating in the 2015 Middle East Electricity Exhibition. The show is an amazing opportunity to get to know the transformer market and to meet with the future market leaders. We are confident that we have the expertise to offer them the solutions they need in order to let their production processes achieve their full potential.

We hope to meet with our faithful customers and new potential customers. On the exhibition we will present our latest transformer realizations and innovations. Hence, we welcome everyone to visit the Soenen-booth. Look for booth S1D89 and come talk to us.

Find out more on the exhibition on: www.middleeastelectricity.com