Engineering the machines for the sheet metal industry.

Combining precision with volume at the greatest possible speed

The machines we design for the sheet metal industry are engineered to achieve the highest standards of precision, speed, and productivity. Sheet metal requires customized solutions using innovative technologies, high performance control and modular concepts that continuously enhance machine productivity and profitability.


All major truck and bus manufacturers value the unprecedented flexibility of our machines.

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The final authority in TRANSFORMER CUTTING LINES

Our machines offer a unique combination of quality, accuracy, and performance at a highly competitive price.

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Perfect PERFORATION processing

We are the leading manufacturer of high performance perforating presses.

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EMBOSSING every possible pattern

Nothing less than a flat plate with perfectly shaped dots.

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We take care

We never stop looking after our clients, and our in-house know-how allows us to deliver results that last. Our engineered solutions help the sheet metal industry to increase operating profits in a rapidly changing business environment. One of our primary goals is to ensure that clients who have invested in a Soenen installation can rely on its performance capabilities and our personal service for decades to come.