In-line and off-line E-stacking

  • Soenen off-line, standalone E-stacking unit

Soenen is proud to present its in-line and off-line E-stacking systems for medium and large power transformer laminations. Our stacking systems eliminate the hazardous and intense manual labor that was needed up until now. Investing in a Soenen E-stacking unit means more efficiency and saving time and money.

Thanks to its revolutionary design our in-line unit stacks at line speed. As a result, there is no slowing down of the line. The Soenen off-line E-stacker on the other hand is a compact standalone pick-and-place unit. Its technology makes E-stacking faster and more accurate than the manual creation of an E-core. 

Slitting Amorphous Steel

Due to its physical characteristics, amorphous steel is a very challenging material. An amorphous steel transformer reduces the energy loss by two-thirds, making it very attractive to the energy market. In order to make transformer cores from amorphous steel, the steel first has to be slit into smaller strips and recoiled into squares. Extensive research has now led to a new production process where slitting is combined with winding the amorphous material into pre-shaped cores that are easy to assemble during the production process. 

Laser cutting & welding titanium

In 2007 we were approached by RFC Aerospace to build a machine that could both cut and weld titanium seat racks for the Boeing Dreamliner. The integration of laser cutting technology made the construction of this machine a new experience. The result of our engineering efforts was a configuration of three lines. The first one was called the ‘Butt Weld Machine’, a new design that uses a laser to cut titanium sheets at great speed and with extraordinary accuracy. In addition, we built the ‘Wing Bending Machine’ for straightening the profiles and the ‘Seatrack Laserweld Line’ for welding the titanium parts together.

Punching thick metal sheets (concept)

Soenen is always excited to develop new concepts for new markets, such as the renewable energy field. Because our machines can punch extremely thick metal sheets, we engineered a concept for producing panels for offshore wind turbine with a focus on precision and stability. 

Perforating latex

We have created a press for latex mattresses. We regularly receive requests to adapt our solutions to new materials, and so in 2004 we built a press for Latexco Spain that can perforate latex mattresses. Our client was so pleased with our solution that three years later we reproduced the press for the Latexco headquarters in Belgium and for their production facilities in the U.S.A.

Embossed pool panels

  • Embossed pool panels

We have designed and built a press that embosses stainless steel sheets for swimming pools. When pool panels are made from stainless steel sheets, dots are embossed in the bottom and side panels to improve grip and safety.

Our press contains 60 independently controlled punches, and each punch can be individually switched on or off, which guarantees almost limitless flexibility with regard to patterns and logos. The end result is a flat sheet containing perfect dots. A sheet will never again have to be straightened after embossing. The Soenen embossing method is also much faster than the presses available in today’s market (such as a turret press). Because we use 60 punches simultaneously at 30 strokes/min, we can punch 1,800 dots per minute.

It’s safe to say that our embossing solutions are setting standards for the industry.