Sharing knowledge remains the essential part of our business model. We know that real innovation is the result of a collaborative effort. Our clients challenge us for new ideas while they can rely on our proven expertise. Everyday we’re thinking of fresh approaches, new applications and design solutions. Our engineers can’t wait to share their outstanding knowledge with you. If it's sheet metal, we’ll find a solution. 


Our slitting lines are used for processing coiled metals at high speed into precise smaller width coils.

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Our expanded metal presses deform heavy materials at high speed, offering a wide variety of applications from break systems to architecture.

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A Soenen embossing press is faster, delivers higher quality and is more flexible than contemporary presses. Our guarantee: a flat plate with perfectly shaped dots.

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With more than 200 realized projects, we earned an impeccable reputation as producer of perforating presses.

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Our cut-to-length lines combine the highest speed and accuracy for today’s market.

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With our machines the result is a perfectly punched beam, produced faster and cheaper than with any other traditional method, with minimal tool changing costs.

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