Remanufactured Perforating & Expanded Metal Equipment available.

April 2020

SOENEN has acquired several perforating presses and an expanded metal press. The acquisition consist of:

- 250T Sectional Perforating press type CAPS250-5x2

- 200T Sectional Perforating press type CAPS200-4x2

- 160T Sectional Perforating press type CAPS160-3x1.5

- 250T All Across Perforating press type 250MR12

- 400T All Across Perforating press type 400MR15

- 60T Expanded Metal press type EMP60-15

All presses will be remanufactured to comply with todays standard. Soenen will check all parts of these presses and replace what is necessary. The presses will be cleaned and repainted entirely.   New cabling and a new up-to-date Machine CNC will be fitted as well.  All remanufactured presses will be undergoing a production test in our workshop prior to shipment.

For the above mentioned remanufactured equipment Soenen is offering a full guarantee. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us or your local Soenen agent to obtain more detailed information.