Sectional perforating

Soenen is the leading manufacturer of high-performance perforating presses. Our machines provide an extremely high feeding accuracy, resulting in excellent productivity and perfectly perforated sheets.

Our sectional perforating presses are designed to provide flexible punching or perforation possibilities to its customer. Thanks to an innovative tool selection system combined with a tailored hydraulic or mechanical press you have the freedom to perforate any shape or size in a vast thickness and material range.

The sectional perforating press, also known as a CAPS (computer aided perforating system), is capable of handling sheets up 6,000 mm x 2,000 mm in size and up to 25 mm thick. The loading process can be automated if needed.

For any application where laser cutting proves to be too time-consuming and classical turret punching inadequate, a sectional perforating press is the best alternative solution. Applications of sectional perforated products can be: industrial filters, heavy-duty sieves, architectural decoration, facades, wall cladding and much more.

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