3D Laser cutting of long member

A flexible punching line or a static stamping press (press punching line) cannot punch all the holes in a truck chassis rail or long member. Larger openings are necessary to facilitate the passage of wiring looms or hydraulic connections, and cut-outs are required to create space for truck axles or drivetrains. Additionally, special shapes are needed to meet the requirements for truck electrification or hydrogen fuel cells.

Soenen has developed a solution to allow 3D laser cutting the long member which can be seamlessly integrated into existing production processes. The long members are handled & verified in the same fashion as with our punching solution. For laser cutting the chassis rail, Soenen has opted to cooperate with the world leader in laser technology. The laser source of choice is a high performance high power disk fiber laser.

When compared to existing plasma cutting solutions and conventional CO2 laser cutting, the use of the fiber laser technology provides a cleaner, faster and more energy efficient cutting solution.

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