High Speed punching for long members

High speed punching of truck long members is a dedicated production process development. This production method is ideal for processing constant section chassis rails with a high degree of repetitive hole pattern. Holes in the top surface or web are punched by a mechanical press. Punching speeds exceeding 800 holes per minute can be achieved provided the hole pattern design allows it. Continuous and online measuring of each U-beam guarantees high accuracy punching in X & Y-direction.

Load and unload cycles can be completely automated and connected to your material flow. These automated load cycles are in sync with your punching cycles. Our high speed punching system can be equipped with an optional engraving station. The benefits of this option are fewer assembly mistakes are made and a higher assembly efficiency is achieved.

A high speed production line combined with a 3D Punching line provides you the most versatile and efficient heavy duty truck production plant. A careful evaluation of the customer product portfolio is however crucial to achieve a successful integration.

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