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ArcelorMittal Construction, France (TEST)

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    Through a comprehensive range of building envelope and design solutions ArcelorMittal Construction aims to inspire the construction sector to build in smarter ways, helping to create sustainable, aesthetic buildings with outstanding performance. Supported by a unique understanding of the built environment, founded upon more than a century of advanced manufacturing, innovation and local expertise.

  • Challenge

    An existing perforating press in production since 2001 needed carefully evaluated to determine the retrofit requirements. The press needed to be be moved to a new location, the ArcolorMittal plant in Contrisson - France. As an additional requirment all across perforating presses needed to be equipped with new de- and recoiling equipment to fulfill the requirement of decoiling 15 Ton coils.

  • Solution

    Soenen and ArcelorMittal carefully evaluated the existing perforating line together on site and at Soenen. Soenen engineers reviewed the all across perforating line and determined the actual condition of the press and what is needed for a correct and long lasting retrofit. During this process ArcelorMittal is continuously updated and decisions were taken in mutual agreement on how to proceed with the retrofit. In parallel engineers from ArcelorMittal and Soenen determined the future production requirement of the Contrisson plant in terms of the coil to coil perforating requirements. New features were integrated in this production line and additional improvements in terms of safety were added as well.

  • Result

    The new hybrid perforation production line consist of fully retrofitted all across perforating press equipped with entirely new coil processing equipment capable of handling coils upto 15 Ton. The coil-to-coil perforating line was pre-accepted at Soenen prior to installation at customer in France.

  • Collaboration with Valtech Group?

    Thanks to an injection of human capital by the Valtech group, were were able to complete the project in time.

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