2D Punching line for long members

U-beams or chassis long-member manufactured by press-forming or roll forming can be punched by a 2D Soenen punching line. These chassis rails can have a constant or variable section. Holes in the top surface or web are punched by fast action hydraulic presses. Continuous and online measuring of each U-beam, guarantees high accuracy punching in X & Y-direction.

Load and unload cycles can be completely automated and connected to your material flow. These automated load cycles are in sync with your punching cycles. This allows for a higher productivity rate and a more efficient just in time production.

You obtain an increased flexibility when compared to conventional press line, as a result of a tailored punch configuration. All 2D punching lines for U-beams are adapted to handle the product range specified by the customer.

A 2D punching line for long members can be upgraded to become a 3D punching line at any point in the future. When a step-by-step growth of your heavy duty truck production plant is intended, this is an approach worth investigating. The details and requirements for this future upgrade can be incorporated in the design of the 2D punching line.

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